Hi! I'm Anurag Chitnis

I don't want to change the world. I want to change the way we interact with it and programming is a good way to accomplish it. Every day I challenge myself to learn new technologies and create new applications to change the way we interact with things.

Email: anuragchitnis86@gmail.com

Phone: +1 704-953-7078


Checkout a few of my works

Fullstack with React

Complete FullStack E-commerce Website

Used React, Redux, Redux Thunk and other libraries for front-end and used Mongodb as database and Nodejs as backend.

To explore application as an admin use:
email: admin@example.com
password: 123456

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Travel Website

Created With SASS a CSS framework

This website was created with pure HTML and SASS with no use of any external animation libraries. The animations in this website are done with CSS and a little math. So, enjoy ;)

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Backend Project

A Backend-Clone of Stackoverflow

Created with NodeJs, ExpressJs and MongoDB, also used libraries to encrypt passwords and used passport js for authentication

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Inspired Evernote

Fullstack Notes Web App

Created with EJS as template engine and Nodejs to render template and as backend tech. Due to problems in deployment this app can be only previewed through video. Complete code is available on github

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A Simple survey website

This website was created with ReactJs, React-router and materialize css as front-end and used google firebase as an database.

Note: After entering your name in website press "ENTER"

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Personal Blog

Blog for computer science

Created with Reactjs and scss as front-end technologies and used google's firebase as a database. Created for absolute beginners in computer science. This application was created for testing application of concepts so, if found any bug please shoot me and email

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